The audience that most inspires them are the people from the community who attend their readings.

Readings / Rehearsals

Mujeres Que Escriben requires members to participate in readings. We consider these readings a small contribution toward giving back to the very community that inspires our obras. Prior to any reading, we participate in several rehearsals, a form of professional development as well as quality control. We help each other identify areas that need further editing and proofreading before going public. In helping each other prepare to do our very best, we help to maintain the integrity of the group and brand.

We have been reading in and around Tucson since 1991. These are only a few of the places we have read:

  • KXCI community radio
  • Tucson Poetry Crawl
  • University of Arizona Poetry Center
  • University of Arizona Chicano/Hispano Student Affairs, now the Guerrero Center
  • Tucson Festival of Books
  • Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery
  • International Women’s Day in Bisbee and Tucson
  • National Hispanic Women’s Conference in Phoenix
  • Tumamoc Hill, an ecological reserve at the western edge of downtown Tucson