While the mission and goals statements establish their identity and direction, they also have a set structure and norms. Membership establishes the level of commitment required of anyone wishing to join. Attendance and active participation at all monthly meetings takes the form of hosting, writing in community, sharing the writing and offering constructive feedback. Due to the private and sensitive nature of material generated, only members may attend meetings. Members support the group by attending Mujeres Que Escriben events and providing professional support in the form of donations, time and marketing efforts.

Community Service

In the spirit of servant leadership, we spend much of our time as individuals in service to others. We are integral members of advocacy groups for women’s issues, equity in access to education, the LGBTQ community, the undocumented, and anti-poverty and anti-war efforts. We are tutors for undocumented students pursuing higher education and judges for poetry contests; we organize marches for women and moderate panels for book festivals. We mentor high school teachers and PhD candidates. We are committed to the growth of individuals within the group and in the greater community. There is a sense of stewardship—that Mujeres Que Escriben is much greater than the sum of its parts and, therefore, must be held in trust for the greater good.